What if the oceans could speak, what would they tell the world? Born billions of years ago, they saw hundreds of adventures, discoverers and ships. They know stories, they were witnessed of epochs changes, they helped fearless and were friends of wanderers, they were at the dawn of life and the development of the world, they are life itself.

Inspired by the waves, adventurism and distant countries, brand «Jules Verne» was born in 2013. It was then that the idea of creating accessories that would be strong and beautiful at the same time appeared. We imagined the accessories that will embody a passion for discoveries and could be taken into new adventures.

In bracelets production we use materials from different parts of the world: Italian leather, French yacht cords «Lancelin», American cotton and African wood. The design of an anchor and a hook fasteners is created by Ukrainians jewelers, at the same place where they are poured and covered with gold.